photo: George L
Julia Jackson

Creeks to some Philadelphians. “Cricks” to other Philadelphians. Sanctuary to Julia.

Roving the woods of Bucks County throughout her younger years, our 2024 Summer Intern spent entire seasons combing the tributary systems of her backyard—experiencing the meditative, clarifying effects of the native landscape.

Converging these interests toward her career path, Julia is using her background in graphic design as a stepping stone towards pursuing a BLA in Landscape Architecture at Jefferson University with a minor in Psychology. While between classes, she is joining us to provide an immersive eye for site analysis, ecological research, procurement and additional fieldwork.

Excited for the hands-on portion of the job, Julia still looks downstream in her downtime as an avid kayaker, drawn to the Schuylkill by the same respite that rippled from the creeks all those years ago.