photo: Sarma O
Logan Fisher
Field Operations Manager

If he squints hard enough, Logan can still see the monarchs.

As a sprouting naturalist exploring Oklahoma’s rural prairies and woodland edges, Logan grew up paying witness to the pollinators’ 2,000-mile migration from his front yard, inspiring a deep appreciation for nature’s many faces.

Time at Longwood Gardens and some of the most esteemed gardens in the UK and Japan fast-tracked his fluency in plant life. He readily imported this experience to one of New York’s most iconic landscapes–Governors Island–where he served as Horticulture Supervisor.

A trail runner by birthright and a gardener by trade, Logan has a shrewd understanding of what connects people to the natural world. A distinct skillset he developed while shepherding the unique landscapes on Governors Island and cultivating New Yorkers’ engagement with acres of parkland—and a skillset we’re excited to have in his role stewarding our clients’ gardens, meadows and woodlands.