We knew we needed to blow some dust off our old site to bring things up to date, from our more recent work to our general design scheme. But the years fly by when you have ample design work to fill your docket (it’s a problem we’re fortunate to have). That said, we’re proud of where we landed, and are excited to have this site as our online home for years to come.


A new language.

Along with the objectively stylish co-author of this writing, Sandy Moore, we’ve worked to modernize our tone and voice. We haven’t budged an inch on our principles, but we’re looking forward to finding stronger, more precise ways of communicating them. Whether it’s an industry dispatch, a note to a client or messaging meant for a greater audience, we aim to speak to our core values at every turn. Though we’re still not above a wink or a smile.


New swag.

Admittedly, we’ve never said “swag” before. But see above re: wink and a smile.

Friends, colleagues, partners and newcomers, this is the update we’ve been waiting for months (years?) to share. It’s with great pride and excitement that we announce our company rebrand.

We’ll spare you the exclamation points, but we’re guessing you can feel the enthusiasm by just looking at what’s on your screen right now. You might’ve already noticed some of the biggest changes:


A new feel.

This new typeface? Our shiny new logo?

Our friend, collaborator and strategic virtuoso, Lucy Price, helped us devise a visual system that we see as a cleaner, crisper, more modern expression of our expertise. More consistent with our value set, more revealing of our work and—colloquially speaking—more us. Knowledgeable, connected, creative, adaptive and responsible.

As our company steps into its fourth decade, we’ve seen several evolutions. Through it all, we’ve held fast to Larry’s high principles of ecological design and forward-thinking work. And while we’ve grown into a diverse collective of voices and professional perspectives we now call LWLA, you’ll notice our new logo’s particular emphasis on the W, a nod to Larry’s lasting influence—inside our walls and throughout the field.


A new website.

Thanks to the brilliant design hands of our friends Ali Doucette and Impart Creative, we’ve revamped our entire web presence to let our work shine in full res.

Along with some very stylish shirts, hats, totes, you can expect to see our new design system in our more functional items, too: presentations, letterhead, social media.  Even cake.

It’s been a genuine joy rebuilding our brand, and we appreciate the early enthusiasm we’ve already heard. Our new ‘do’ signals something of a change in the seasons: same roots, new leaves. And with any luck, some new fruits of our labor.

See you out there.