Wild Ones is an incredible nationwide organization for which Larry Weaner is happy to act as Honorary Director.  Wild Ones serves as a resource for creating native gardens and habitat in backyards across America by offering educational resources and programming through local chapters.

Wild Ones embarked on an initiative to provide native garden templates for residential sites.  Design practitioners from across the U.S. were asked to design native gardens for locations nationwide. Design parameters include the use of at least 15 native plant species (straight species only), plants that are generally available, and plants that attract wildlife or pollinators.

LWLA  was asked to create a native garden design that can be replicated for the D.C./Virginia area. Larry spearheaded this effort and as with every project he works on, his starting point was researching the ecoregion in which this project would be situated. Knowing the ecoregion can guide your understanding of site characteristics and the native plant communities to use as inspiration.

Mark Weaner

To maximize habitat value, Larry’s design features three habitat types: meadow, shrubland, and woodland. Accompanying the design are plant lists and guidance for site analysis, site preparation, planting layout, and maintenance. The photos featured here represent Larry’s work with similar character. Check out the full design package and find a local chapter near you.

Mark Weaner

This was a fun project for our office, and we were honored to play a part in furthering the admirable mission of such an important organization.