This exciting restoration project replaces approximately three acres of invasive vegetation on steep slopes with native meadow and shrublands.

The reimagined landscape will confer numerous benefits, including establishment of native habitat in a highly urbanized area, provision of food and refuge for wildlife, reduced erosion and stormwater runoff along Kelly Drive, increased public awareness of environmental conservation and a revitalized entrance and forward-facing landscape for the historic Laurel Hill Cemetery. The first phase of the project began with temporary slope stabilization and seeding in December 2022.

“Once all of these natives reach maturity and in turn draw all of the insects that feed the birds - like red throated hummingbirds and Baltimore orioles - the slope will become this new habitat hotspot and be resilient enough that it can serve that role for a very long time. Visitors to Laurel Hill will be treated to all kinds of gorgeous breeding plumage and lots of bird song”
— Mike McGraw, senior wildlife biologist at RES
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Philadelphia Inquirer (May 19, 2022)