photo: Larry W
Andrew Korzon, PLA
Senior Associate

Andrew could draw a straight line from his first job to his current one. And guaranteed, that line would show up on time, under budget and thoughtfully designed. Working for his cousin’s landscaping business as a teenager in the farmlands of Lancaster County, Andrew got his first scent of a career in the field. Bit by bit, summer by summer, that scent grew stronger.

Graduating with a BS in Architecture at Temple University, Andrew went on to serve as a project manager at LandStudies Inc., master-planning and implementing everything from private meadows to public projects as a licensed landscape architect. This experience—plus all those summers attached to a push mower—led Andrew to LWLA, serving as a crucial resource for designing, implementing and maintaining projects all across our board.

Featured Projects
Croton Point Park Grassland
Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Kelly Drive Meadow
Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA
Overlook Farm Meadows
Lackawanna County, PA
Valley Road
Bethlehem, PA
Winchester Road
Annapolis, MD