photo: Ludin's Chado
Ani Knauff

While pursuing her Bachelors in Landscape Architecture from Temple University, Ani was introduced to LWLA after attending a lecture on ecological restoration and design given by our founder, Larry Weaner. Seemingly worlds away from her hometown on a farm in rural Australia, a lot of the principles and concepts Larry talked about rang true.

Happily gardening since the age of 2 has given Ani a keen eye for observing what is happening around her, and helped to shape an inquisitive mind accomplished at adaptation. Adventurous in her quest for knowledge Ani has learned from studying and travelling through Australia and Europe and America. She has maintained her passion for design and ecology through each transition, and finds a home wherever she is by gaining greater understanding of the ecoregions that shape our practice.

A background in visual arts and printmaking enriches her design abilities, which have come to be applied to some of our most nuanced projects that call for as much ingenuity as imagination. These same qualities nourish the “rescue garden” she’s planted in front of her townhouse, which is a thrifty combination of her neighbors’ castaway plants, seed traded with friends, and spontaneous arrivals.

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