Native harmonies of sculpture, gardens and Appalachian beauty.

A hallowed meeting ground for art and nature, The Bower stretches across 36 acres of the Pennsylvania Appalachians. LWLA was contracted to revitalize 6 acres of its existing meadow, introducing native wildflowers and grasses. LWLA also prepared planting plans for the extensive gardens at the entrance and around the visitor center.  The added diversity raised aesthetic intrigue within a season of growth, balancing the competitive demands of the ecoregion with existing plant life.

Our ongoing advisory for the property’s 30-acre woodland continues to steer current vegetation through organic management practices.

Project Details
Landscape Design
Landscape Installation
Natural Areas Management Consulting
Mark Weaner
Artwork by
Thea Alvin
Jeff Kahn
Robert Koch
Mark Pettegrow
Rebecca Rutstein
Melanie Serkes