photo: Ani K
Ethan Dropkin
Associate + Horticultural Specialist

There’s May-to-October Ethan: Site visits. Check-ins. Install. Maintenance.

Then there’s October-to-May Ethan: Analyzing. Conceiving. Designing.

We’re lucky to have both Ethans here at LWLA, a composite of his varied experiences as a horticulturist in the New York City Parks Department, landscape designer at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, and graduate of Cornell’s landscape architecture and horticulture master’s programs.

Ethan’s holistic experience in landscapes isn’t limited to his professional life: his downtime is dominated by the outdoors, from botany and birding to herping and fossil hunting.

Featured Projects
American Prairie at Wakehurst
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, England
Kingsland Wildflowers
Brooklyn, NY
Shore Farms Meadow + Gardens
Avalon Nature Preserve, Stony Brook, NY
The Bower
Sherman's Dale, PA