photo: Ani K
Jenna Webster
Senior Associate

It wasn’t just the cinematic landscapes that gripped Jenna’s imagination as a kid growing up on an island fourteen miles off the Maine coast. It was how the ecology of salt and fog affected cultural traditions, people’s livelihoods, and even language.

Having a deep appreciation for the human-nature relationship from a young age, Jenna’s curiosity bloomed in her undergraduate and graduate studies at Harvard and eventual Masters at the Conway School. Soon after, Jenna found herself on the ground floor of LWLA, mixing a left-brain mastery with a right-brain intuition for the ways landscapes influence the people who call them home. Today, she has a finger in designing and humanizing nearly every project that comes through our door.

Jenna’s off days look suspiciously similar to her work days: in her gardens, nose in a book.

Featured Projects
Chapel Meadow
Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Croton Point Park Grassland
Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Crow’s Nest Research Center
Stafford, VA
Meadow Test Plots
Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
Ridge Path
Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, MA